A New Ciborium for the Basilica of Christ the King in Paola, Malta

When an altar and sanctuary is further beautified, it is always a cause for rejoicing -- and usually also a matter of great interest to our readers. A little over a year ago we ran an article on a baldachin that was being planned for the basilica of Christ the King in Paola, Malta.  Well only just recently -- just days ago in fact -- that project was finally brought to fruition and we are pleased to be able to share a few images showing the new ciborium now installed.

As a point of comparison, here was the sanctuary without the ciborium:

The ciborium in question was originally designed in 1955 by Romeo Ceccotti but it had never been realized. In 2019, Manuel Farrugia added some of his own decorative embellishments to the oiringal design -- such as the angels -- and now the Ceccotti-Farrugia design has come to fruition.

The ciborium is made from Italian carrera marble and bronze.

A truly fitting addition to this beautiful basilica, now giving the high altar its rightful place as the focal point of the church.

For further information, or to see further photos of the installation process, see the basilica on social media.

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