Prelatial Dress of the Religious Orders: The Capuchins

In a previous installment in our series considering the unique, traditional prelatial dress of those prelates that were attached to religious orders, we considered the Franciscans -- whose distinctive prelatial dress was typically grey. However in that article it was noted that there was an exception amongst the Franciscans in this regard, and that is the subject of today's article: the Capuchins.

Unlike their other Franciscan counterparts, Capuchin prelatial garb, like the Capuchin habit itself, remains in the brown of their habit. This colour is found everywhere from their cassock, fascia, mantelletta, cappa magna and so on.

The winter cappa of the Capuchin has a hood made of otter's fur, which can be seen below on the right:

To the right is, of course, is the cappa magna itself, and to the left is Capuchin choir dress showing the brown mozzetta, mantelletta and choir cassock. Another view of this can be seen in this next illustration below:

While I regrettably have not yet found a colour photograph of either the Capuchin mantelletta or cappa, here at very least is a black and white photograph showing the former:

As already noted, the cassock and mozzetta are likewise found in the distinctive Capuchin brown, which is perhaps best seen in these next two photographs:

To this we will add this very nice portrait of a Capuchin cardinal, showing him in his brown mozzetta.

Similarly, here is a good view of the brown simar and fascia of the Capuchin prelate:

Finally, a view of the brown Capuchin ferriaolo:

So far as I know, the stockings that would be worn by Capuchin prelates would likewise be in brown, though as is typically the case, the biretta and zucchetto would align to the usual colours according to their particular rank.

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