Other Modern: Church of Our Lady, Help of Christians in Gliwice-Sośnica, Poland

The Church of Our Lady, Help of Christians in Gliwice-Sośnica, Poland presents us with yet another example in our Other Modern considerations. As is often the case with Other Modern, the church utilizes rectangular and square shapes but done in a way which is consonant with the tradition, in this case the tradition of the Romanesque and the Roman basilica.

Photo credit: Adrian Tync
Central to the design is a great mural (presumably a mosaic) of Our Lady, Help of Christians, centered behind the high altar.

To either side of the high altar and sanctuary mosaic are sculptures of angels, presumably the Archangels Michael and Gabriel given the sword and the lily.

Lining the nave are further mosaics, though their content is difficult to discern. That said, they integrate the nave with the sanctuary nicely and provide a bit of further colour and detail throughout the body of the church.

Overall, the character of the church is one that is both modern and yet also classical -- the defining characteristic of 'other modern.' There is a sense of order, symmetry and harmony to the church, all of which centers on the high altar.

This presents yet another good example of the fact that modernity has real potentialities for church architecture and the sacred liturgy so long as it maintains its visible connection with the tradition.

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