Usus Antiquior at Santa Maria della Salute in Venice

The following photos came to my attention by way of NLM (and originate from the Italian blog, Traditio Marciana) through one of the photo posts over there for Pentecost. I couldn't resist sharing them here on LAJ as well as they bring a nice confluence of liturgical arts. The photos in question show a Solemn Mass in the usus antiquior which took place in the beautiful basilica of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, celebrated by Mgr. Marco Agostini, an official in the Vatican Secretariat of State. 

Readers here may recall that we have featured this basilica before, focusing specifically on the altar and its antependia, and any opportunity to show the same within its historical, liturgical context surely cannot be missed.

We begin where we left off; namely with the high altar, vested as it is for Pentecost with a red and gold antependium. Readers will also take note of the splendid reredos which surrounds the beautiful image of Our Lady, the fitting proportions of the candlesticks to the altar, and the cut flowers that adorn the same.

The prayers at the foot of the altar. One can see the power of the art and architecture in its traditional ordering, leading one toward the high altar and ultimately heavenward.

"Introibo ad altare Dei..."
Readers will no doubt also take note of the chasuble being worn -- which I suspect is from the later 19th or early 20th century.

The incensation of the altar and cross
Another good view of the altar, its proportions and its various accoutrements.
We now skip ahead to offertory of the Mass which gives a better sense of the architectural grandeur which surrounds the high altar.

The consecration:

For those who have been waiting for a better view of the chasuble, this photo, taken during the Confiteor before Holy Communion, provides a crisper view:

A still closer view.

Here again I would highlight the very tasteful use of flowers; flowers that are not only properly cut (not potted), but which are also well proportioned in relation to the altar and tabernacle. The use of red flowers, which tie back to the liturgical colour of the day, is also a nice touch -- though certainly not a requirement of course.  It is also worth pointing out that where flowers are concerned, less is more and this strikes just the right balance.

As for the chasuble, here is an image showing the front (taken from the sacristy. It is worth noting that the maniple is evidently from another set.

Finally, an image from following the Mass, showing the Mgr. Agostini wearing the traditional choir fascia and Fr. Joseph Kramer, FSSP (third from the left) wearing a style of surplice we have often promoted here.

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