The 2019 Chartres Pilgrimage

As we sit within the Octave of Pentecost in the traditional Roman calendar, I cannot resist our annual opportunity to showcase some photos from the recent Chartres Pentecost Pilgrimage in France. Traditionally that pilgrimage begins at Notre Dame in Paris and ends up at Notre Dame in Chartres, but this year, due to the tragic fire at the former cathedral, the pilgrimage started at another famous Parisian church,  Saint-Sulpice.

While the event itself is newsworthy in its own right of course, for our purposes here on LAJ, the particular focus of the photos I have chosen here is directed moreso toward some of the liturgical arts that are visible. However, if you would like to see all of the photos of the entire three day event, you can see their official photo albums.

We begin at Saint-Sulpice.

The high altar of Saint-Surplice. This photo gives a good sense of the impressive proportions of the high altar and its candlesticks and cross.

The various side altars of Saint-Sulpice saw private Masses taking place. Always a moving sight, but especially for those who have never been privileged to witness it before.

Finally, here are a few images from Chartres Cathedral at the conclusion of the pilgrimage.

The vestments are in the French style.
Mitra pretiosa (Precious mitre)
Mitra auriphrygiata (Golden mitre)
Finally, a detail of the main statue of the pilgrimage, which appears to be wood-carved.

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