Some Works from the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo Vigevano

Our good friend Nicola de Grandi tipped us off to a recent visit he made to the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo Vigevano where he took some photos of a unique early 18th century chasuble that bears the image of a sainted bishop.  Unfortunately I have little in the way of information to provide, so a comment will have to suffice: 17th and early 18th century vestment work is s period I often find of great interest as it is a bridge between the earlier medieval/renaissance traditions and those of the later baroque period. In that regard, one often sees artistic elements from each respective period in these; some of them admittedly work out better than others aesthetically speaking, but all are of interest historically.

In this particular instance, I find this chasuble rather unique in how it attempts to integrate and marry the 'iconographic' style and imagery of earlier centuries with the floriated designs that would become so popular in the 18th century. (In point of fact, it almost looks as though the image of the saint has been overlaid on top of the rest of the textile, but this may simply seem that way due to the two very different stylistic qualities found in the design of the chasuble.)

If any of our readers has any further information about it, please do leave it in the comments.

Since we are the subject of the Diocesan Museum of Vigevano, here are a few more images taken from the same.

18th century
A detail from the chasuble. If you look closely you will see the face of a cherub. 

Finally, one of the precious mitres on display.

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