Corpus Christi on the Côte d'Azur at La Chapelle de la Très-Sainte-Trinité et du Saint-Suaire

Photo: OC-Travel
It is ever a special privilege to visit the apostolates of the Institute of Christ the King.  The Institute has a global reputation of maintaining the highest standards of reverence and piety for Mass and solemnities.   

Each year I try to be somewhere special for the external solemnity of Corpus Christi.  This year I was led to the south of France while leading a St. Mary Magdalene pilgrimage (after visiting her tomb at Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume and the cave-shrine where she lived in the national park of Sainte-Baume, the timing was perfect for a summertime visit to Nice).

What better place to celebrate the external solemnity, amid droves of unsuspecting tourists and seemly locals in the historic old town of Nice on the French Riviera?  

The procession was beautiful.  The music was superb.  St. Thomas Aquinas, poet of the Eucharist, penned the music and office for the solemnity.  Curious bystanders stood frozen in shock.  Some joined the procession to see what it was all about.  

The celebration was held at the Chapel fo the Most Holy Trinity and the Holy Shroud (of Turin), built in 1825.  This beautiful place of worship, the perfect location just several meters from the famous beach promenade, was recently completely restored inside and out.  It shines in restored splendour!  

The chapel is maintained by an Archconfraternity known as the brotherhood of the "red penitents" which takes St. Philip Neri as its patron.  The Institute offers Sung Mass here every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., a part of their much appreciated apostolate in the city.

The members of the Archconfraternity wear red, a sign of their affiliation with the Roman Archconfraternity of the Most Holy Trinity of Pilgrims that was founded in 1550 by St. Philip Neri.  This is the same archconfraternity that is headquartered today at the FSSP parish in Rome of Santissima Trinita' dei Pellegrini.  

Paolo Emilio Barberi, an artist and architect born and educated in Rome, came to Nice and painted an image of the Holy Trinity for the high altar of the chapel that is based upon Guido Reni's rendition seen at FSSP in Urbe.  At age 13, Barberi had entered the Roman archconfraternity of the Most Holy Trinity of Pilgrims.  

Many thanks to the ICRSP Nice for such a lovely celebration.  Merci!  

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