A Liturgical Rarity: Rose Pontifical Sandals

By now many of our readers will be familiar with the pontifical sandal. As sandals are particular to the liturgical colour of the day, these are seen in white, red, green and violet. The only liturgical colour excluded is black.  Nainfa in Costume of Prelates comments accordingly:
The rubric prescribes that the color of the sandals should match that of the vestments, that is the color required by the office of the day: but at Requiem masses the officiating Prelate does not wear the sandals.
The question that often arises is "what about rose?" To my mind, I knew of nothing to prevent it, but on the other hand I had never come across a clear example to my recollection. That changed recently when I came across this pair of rose liturgical sandals that belonged to Pope Pius XII. Given how often this has been asked, I wanted to share it with you today.

Source: Il Papa e le sue vesti

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