The Sacristy Series: Vestments of St. Mary's in Wausau, Wisconsin

Yesterday, in our first instalment of our new Sacristy Series, we looked at the antependia of St. Mary's in Wausau, Wisconsin. Today we return with the second part of our consideration by looking at some of the vestments of the parish.

The first set I would show our readers is this stunning blue solemn Mass set. As noted in our previous piece, blue is a special privilege of some within the Latin rite for Marian feasts, and this particular set, like the frontal itself, further emphasizes this Marian character by way of golden fleur-de-lys' that form a part of the design of the textile. The particular set has a mixture of French, Italian and Spanish influences.

Of course, if you are not privy to the privilege of liturgical blue, as we have noted here on LAJ before, a fine compromise can be found by way of white/gold vestments which have a significant amount of blue in the design, such as this very fine cope also from St. Mary's:

Next we have a simple but elegant green chasuble:

If you wish to see the green solemn Mass set that matches the green frontal, however, we must return to the sacristy proper. Here is the cope and chasuble from that set. 

Here is the same set seen from the front, this time also including one of the dalmatics. (By way of an aside for those interested in the design of vestments, it strikes me that the dalmatic and tunicle of this particular set would be very well accompanied by a set of substantial gold tassels to further augment the design and compliment the beautiful textures of the textile itself. This isn't to say there is anything lacking here; it is only an additional consideration.)

Also found within the sacristy of St. Mary's is a rather interesting red set which includes a mixture of both gothic and baroque elements.

Of particular interest in this red set is the design of the tunicle/dalmatic with its beautiful gothic revival orphreys.

Finally, I would share with our readers this very beautiful black chasuble, fittingly decorated with a crucifixion scene.

I would like to thank St. Mary's for participating in our sacristy series. Those who wish to be considered for participation in this series should contact [email protected].

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