More Vestments from the Papal Sacristy

For this last Friday of May I thought it would be of interest to look through more of the papal and papally related vestments that have been so admirably catalogued in the book, Il Papa e le sue vesti.  Shown here today are a variety of liturgical sandals as well as some copes and a chasuble, ranging from the time of Pope Pius VII (1800-1823) up the era of Pope Paul VI.

The rare opportunity to peruse the 'sacristies of the popes' is, of course, an opportunity not only to study masterworks of liturgical art, it is also an opportunity to study and consider Romanitas in its supreme historical expression: the papal liturgy.  Enjoy.

Sandals of Pope Pius VII
Chasuble with the Arms of Pope Paul VI
Sandals of Pope Pius VII
Cope with the arms of Pope Pius VII
This white cope is thought to have been from the time of Pope Pius XII
Sandals of Pope Pius X
Sandals of Leo XIII
Source: Il Papa e le sue vesti

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