Solemn Pontifical Mass in Minneapolis

The FSSP in Minneapolis recently had a visit from Cardinal Burke for the occasion of the First Communions of a number of the children affiliated with the community.  I would take a moment to mention the vestments that were used for this event, which take their inspiration from the 18th century. Only a decade ago, new vestment work of this sort was still difficult to find as many of the new traditional vestment work of that time and before took inspiration primarily from the 19th and 20th century. This revival of vestment arts from times prior is a welcome development in recent years, providing a great deal more variety and interest in new vestment work in both the Roman and gothic forms, moving us gradually beyond the generic 'religious catalogue industry' liturgical vestments.

That comment aside, herewith some photos from the event.

Here are some views of the altar wth the golden and precious mitres. Readers might also take note of the proper use of cut flowers in vases on the altar.  Also visible are the pontifical sandals and the antependium. 

Mitra Aurphrygiata
Mitra Pretiosa
White pontifical sandals (sandalia)
Slowly, but surely, the greater fullness of the Latin rite liturgical tradition is being rediscovered.

Photo Source: Tracy Dunne Photography

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