Reader Question: Vestment Offerings in an Italianate Style

Frequently I am asked where vestments of a 'high baroque' variety can be purchased these days -- if anywhere at all. What is typically meant by this are the sort of vestments that have very rich gold embroidery on them, embroidered onto some sort of lamé in one or another of the liturgical colours.

To the best of my knowledge there only modern "stock" supplier of this type of vestment is Luzar Vestments based out of Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom (as well as  Zygzak in Poland). These particular sets come with all the possible parts, ranging from five piece Low Mass sets to all the parts and pieces required for a Solemn Mass or Missa Cantata.

While the title of this article speaks of an "Italianate style" the particular cut of these actually tends toward that found in Eastern Europe (as compared to, say, France or Italy), giving them a slightly broader look and feel than your more typical Italian type of baroque cut. It is, however, the rich gold embroidery and lamé that give them aforementioned Italianate type of character.

Here's what they have on offer.

Here are examples of the stole, maniple, burse and chalice veil:

Here is an example of the corresponding dalmatic/tunicle and cope:

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