Our Lady of Paris and Other New Work from ALBL Oberammergau

It has been awhile since we dropped in on our friends at ALBL Oberaammergau but as they had recently updated the portfolio on their website, it was an opportune time for a visit.

I would take a moment to note that this company works in traditional materials like wood; as such, everything you see here is traditionally hand-crafted use the noble of materials. To my way of thinking, this is not only preferable for churches, it also preferable within the home. (This might seem impractical but better, it seems to me, to have one very beautiful and qualitative piece of sculpture as the devotional centre of your domestic church than a myriad of lower quality, mass produced ones. It's beauty will not only better inspire, it will also better speak to the importance and value which you assign the Faith.)

Those comments aside, one newer piece that caught my eye in their portfolio was this statue of Notre Dame de Paris that was manufactured for a youth organization in the USA.  As you will see, it is beautifully executed.

Another item of interest is their Tenebrae hearse.  This is a valuable offering to be aware of for as these liturgical traditions are more and more rediscovered in our days, the question that invariably arises is where one can procure some of these traditional items. Well, ALBL Oberammergau is one place you can turn where it comes to the Tenebrae hearse.  Here's a detail.

Finally, to showcase a bit of their colour work and gilding, here we have a beautiful statue of St. Augustine:

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