Two Chasubles of Cardinal Enrico Enríquez (+1756)

Cardinal Enrico Enriquez (1701-1756) was the Apostolic Nuncio to Spain for the years 1744-1753 and in 1753 was created a cardinal by Pope Benedict XIV and given the title of cardinal-priest of Sant'Eusebio. The follow two chasubles date from his time as a cardinal, thus between 1753-1756. While the period in which he functioned as a cardinal was brief, certainly the vestments that were either commissioned by him or gifted to him are two of lasting artistic and liturgical value. 

The designs of both are identical, with one being in red and the other white. The designs follow the usual floriated patterns popular in embroidered decoration of this period and both contain the cardinal's stemma at the base of the column orphrey on the back of the chasuble. 

Regrettably there are no further pictures of the other pieces from the set available at the time of publication. 

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