Unique Feature of Vesting Prayers in Decorative Window (Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas)

As a  young college student I would sometimes find my way to the basement of our university chapel to pray.  There I discovered this unique window displaying the vesting prayers.  I imagine it was once part of a crypt chapel sacristy that existed according to the original plan of the design and layout.  The chapel was dedicated in 1919.  I have many fond memories praying here during my four years as a student at the University of St. Thomas.  The chapel is known as the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas.  It is a beautiful chapel that I hope and pray will one day be restored to its original splendor.  

The interior is a far cry from its original layout and design; it was wreckovated in the 1980s and a massive concert organ replaced the precious Carrara altar (needless to say, the altar ended up in a dumpster and is today in a landfill).  That altar was a masterpiece, made in Italy according to the original specifications of the architect, the great E.L. Masqueray.  An image of it can be seen below.  Masqueray never lived to see the chapel completed because he died in 1917 while it was under construction.  Our old college chaplain, Msgr. James Lavin, once told me when they took the old marble out, the construction workers were ordered to dump it in the rain on the front lawn.  The old Monsignor who had given his life to the chaplaincy was still in shock years later.       

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