The Art of Statue Restoration with E.A Hayes Studio

How right Plato was when he wrote that at the sight of beauty the human soul grows wings.  The beauty of statues  inspires awe and raises our minds to heavenly ascents.  So many times in my travels I have seen a statue in need of restoration or I have had someone ask me where to get a statue restored.  Sometimes statues go for years without being repaired, despite maybe a simple broken finger or chips and cracks.  That being said, it is discouraging to see art in such a state and it takes something away from the experience.  I have to say how immensely encouraging it is to see new artists emerging who are developing their craft while doing their part to make a full-time living contributing to the sacred arts and their upkeep.   

E.A. Hayes Studio of southeast Michigan repairs and restores statues.   Following are some sample images of works restored by Ethan, the proprietor.  In the Catholic tradition beauty is a theological category, an ontological category.  Art is the expression of the beautiful and has the capacity to reveal reality to us, as seen with statues.    

Most importantly, in particular, sacred art manifests divine beauty.  The truth is beautiful, revealed in statues and art, carrying the splendor of spiritual beauty to all.  When statues are restored to their best there shines a complementary expression of truth in the beauty in the artistic work.  The statues, especially once repaired, are a gift to God, the fruit of talents given by God and of human effort.  

God bless our artists who create and restore.  Sacred art - by being both true and beautiful - evokes holy thoughts and gives glory to the mystery of God.  

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