The St. Philip Chasuble

Only just yesterday we featured a number of our contemporary vestment designers' approaches to the gothic revival and on the very same day the following appeared on Sacra Domus Aurea: a silk chasuble in the sixteenth century Neri cut complete with embroidered orphreys and borders.  This strikes me as a rather fitting follow-up given that this sort of cut represents the next major stylistic "bookmark" in the history of Latin vestments.

St. Philip Neri is, of course, frequently shown in a chasuble of this style, cut up higher toward the shoulders (though not quite as high as the Roman "pianeta"), along with the Tau cross on the front and column orphrey on the back in the usual Italian style. (And whilte not shown in these particular painted images, the use of embroidered decoration is also fitting to the period.)

Here are a few closer looks at this new offering:

The combination of purple (especially Roman purple) and gold is always particularly pleasing -- much like the combination of blue and gold -- because of the concurrent colour contrast and harmony. 

Another really nice embroidered offering coming from the studio of Sacra Domus Aurea

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