Some Recent Contemporary Vestment Work

I thought we should check in with some of our bespoke vestment designers and share some of their recent work.

We begin with Sacra Domus Aurea who recently shared this beautiful violet cope. The cope includes beautiful plum coloured velvet inserts with a rich violet and gold brocaded fabric done in the Italian style.  The hood of the cope includes the usual fringe as well as a large golden tassel.  Very striking.

Next we turn to Altarworthy and a white Borromean shaped chasuble they recently designed. They utilize red orphreys and gold galloons and the stole and maniple include large tassels which are consonant with the period of the shape of the chasuble.

The Dowry Workshop, which focuses on medieval inspired work, recently produced this eye-catching chasuble -- which they call the Berger Chasuble as it was based on embroideries found on the 15th century Berger cope.  The orphrey is based on a design by G.F. Bodley. 

Coming from Watts & Co. is this chasuble coming from their "Wheat collection." Not bespoke per se, but worth featuring nonetheless. It is a green silk chasuble available for purchase in three different lengths and with the possibility of embroidered orphreys.

Spanish-based vestment maker, Pluriarte, shared the following chasuble which forms part of a solemn Mass set they produced earlier this summer. It includes a white and gold brocade with gold galloons. 

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