A Carved Lindenwood Rood - European Craftsmanship Destined For Texas

The German litugical art firm, ALBL Oberammergau and, American firm, Gardiner-Hall Associates, have collaborated on a project destined for the new St. Philip's Catholic Church in Lewisville, Texas. 

Gardiner Hall was chosen by the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas and the pastor of St. Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Fr. Raymond McDaniel, to be the liturgical consultants for the new church -- having worked with Father McDaniel before in a previous assignment -- and the collaboration between Gardiner Hall and ALBL Oberammergau continues work between the two firms over the last several years.

As part of the project, ALBL Oberammergau recently sent a 1:5 scale model for a rood for the church to Texas so that the design could be reviewed and any revisions proposed. The design in question was approved.

The final work -- which is inspired by a similar design found at Halberstadt Cathedral in Germany -- will be carved from linden wood and will include polychroming with 24 carat gold leafing. The cross shown here, will stand sixteen feet tall, with the corpus being life-sized at six feet. 

A couple of closer details. At the top of the cross are images of God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Angels ornament either side of the horizontal axis of the cross.

As is typical for a rood, to either side of the figure of Christ at the base of the cross are images of Our Lady and St. John. 

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