Substantial Architectural Progress at Clear Creek Abbey

The Abbey of Our Lady of Clear Creek is a Benedictine monastery situated in Oklahoma, USA, This particular Benedictine monastery has been focused on the building of more substantial monastic buildings, including the abbey church, and as part of the latter project they recently unveiled a new tympanum that is found above the main door of the abbey church. 

The work in question was executed by George Carpenter who, along with his family, has lived in the shadow of the monastery for some years now and has contributed to various artworks in both metal and stone for the abbey.

For those not familiar, a "tympanum" is a traditional decorative architectural feature found on many classical and medieval buildings. This particular one features an image of Christ enthroned, surrounded by the symbols of the four evangelists.

To really appreciate the work, a closer look at some of the sculpted details is required, beginning with the central image of Christ.

The symbolic representation of St. Matthew

St. Luke
St. John
St. Mark
The quality and crispness of the work here is really quite something. Surrounding these primary figurative details are other ornamental details that are also of interest. Further photographic details of the new tympanum are available off the website of the abbey for those interested.

Congratulations to Mr. Carpenter and the Abbey for this excellent and substantial work of sacred art.

Photos shared with the permission of the Abbot of Clear Creek Abbey. 

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