A New Altar by Jasper and Scheer Liturgical Art

This past September, LAJ introduced readers to Jasper and Scheer Liturgical Art, giving particular focus to their painted works in that article. However, as noted then, Jasper and Scheer also provide a number of other artistic services, including woodcarving, gold-leafing, sculpture and stained glass.  Recently, North American Martyrs parish in Edmonds, Washington -- a newly erected parish of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) -- were looking for a new altar for their sanctuary and were not having success finding something antique that suited their particular needs.  Jasper and Scheer Liturgical Art therefore proposed the execution of a new altar, designed and executed by them. Here was the result:

The altar is constructed of two inch thick cherry wood and was designed, carved and stained by Susan Scheer-Jasper. In point of fact, more is apparently to come for this altar in the coming months -- work that is set to be completed in time for Easter.

Until then, here is a closer look at the altar prior to its consecration and dressing:

To either side of the centre-front of the altar are elements of gothic tracery, wheat, grapes and the Latin text of John 6:55: Caro mea vere est cibus [et] Sanguis meus vere est potus (My Flesh is true food [and] My Blood is true drink.)

The first Mass was celebrated in the church and on the new altar on November 23, 2019.

Photo by Michael Curtis Photograhy (via Northwest Catholic)
For more information on the story of the parish and its altar, please read the following article from the Northwest Catholic, North American Martyrs Parish Celebrates First Mass in its Own Church.

For more information on the liturgical artists who created this fine new altar, see Jasper and Scheer Liturgical Art.

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