Vestments in Art

While it is most common to look for examples of earlier, historical vestments in sacristies and museums, an often overlooked source are paintings comprised of religious figures or themes -- especially those from the renaissance and middle ages. These sources can be valuable in giving us insights into the particular styles and tastes coming out of centuries from which we have fewer extant examples available. Of particular interest to me are the textiles as well as the ornamentation that we might find in these works or art.

In view of this, I thought it might be of interest to our readers to take a quick look at just a few examples of the sort of thing of which I speak.  Of course. the details that can be observed in these works pertain not only to vestments, but also to many other aspects of liturgical art and history.

If you haven't considered these sources before, you really are missing out on a treasure trove of information.

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