Two Recent Works From Pluriarte Arte Sacro

Today I wished to re-focus on some contemporary work in one of the most popular expressions in the liturgical arts, vestments. Specifically I wanted to look at a couple of examples of some of the recent work of Pluriarte Arte Sacro (based out of Spain).

The first set, a solemn Mass set, was commisioned by the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in formation at Cardiff. The set incorporates two beautiful violet brocades as well as a very dignified sets of arms which appear in the usual places on the cope, chasuble, dalmatic and tunicle.

I am quite impressed by the way the arms come off in this particular set as they integrate quite well with the overall design -- something not easily accomplished with modern machine based embroideries. The set, overall, has a very nice and very Roman feel about it and comes off very well, being neither overly ostentatious, nor unduly minimalist.

This next set is a bit bolder, utilizing one of the same brocades seen above, this time in red instead of violet and done in the French style:

For my part, this set has particular potential for Pentecost and its octave given both its red colour and its floral motifs -- which has an easy association with springtime.

For more information, please visit Pluriarte's website or visit them on social media.

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