Recent Offerings from Altarworthy

This week has become a bit of a showing of recent vestment work by various bespoke vestment makers, and lastly for this week we turn to Altarworthy to showcase three recent pieces they've designed.

The first is done in the Roman style, utilizing a mid-19tth century "deer pattern" textile that featured in many vestments from that time and thereafter.  The pattern was extremely popular and so it may well be recognized by some of our readers.

The next offering is a sage green chasuble with a burgundy lining and orphrey.  I quite like this particular piece for reason of the beauty of the fabric and the fact that it is willing to explore a more 'baroque' view of liturgical colours -- namely that there are a wide variety of shades that can be utilized for any one particular liturgical colour. 

Finally we have another gothic revival set, this time in a black poppy damask with a gold lining and orphrey. The red highlights also add an additional aspect of interest to this particular piece. 

For more information on these or any other such vestments, visit Altarworthy on their website or on social media.

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