Architectural Proposals by Matthew Alderman Studios

I have long enjoyed Matthew Alderman's conceptual watercolour works and I thought it would be of interest if we were to compile some of them into an article for our readers' enjoyment. For myself, they bring together a nice intersection of painting, architecture and liturgical design.

Let's begin with his "hypothetical proposal for a new American seminary for the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest" which he did in 2006:

Next, we have his "hypothetical design for a church in Chicago," Our Lady Queen of the English Martyrs:

Finally, here are a couple of other selections of some of the interior conceptual designs that he has completed (the first of which may well be familiar as this design was, in fact, executed and brought into reality); we present as well two of his designs for altars:

Interior Furnishings and Concepts for a Church in South Carolina.
Interior Design Concept for St. Paul's University Catholic Center, Milwaukee, WI.
Proposal for an Altar design
Proposal for an Altar design
Of course, Matt has done much other work beyond this, including ecclesiastical heraldry, Missal art design and much more. You can see more of it either on his social media site, or by way of his website.

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