Further Vestments of Msgr. Gaspare Cantagalli of the Vatican Secretariat of State

Recently we featured a solemn Mass set of Msgr. Gaspare Cantagalli, the one time Vice President of the Vatican Secretariat of State, and today I wished to share a few more of his vestments -- all of which come from the twentieth century. To date, all of the vestments I have come across that are associated with him have shown themselves to be of a particularly fine and Roman quality so it seems they are worth dwelling on a bit further.

The first pieces worth taking a look at are this red lamé cppe and dalmatic, done in fairly typical Roman style all said, but with the addition of embroidered fleur-de-lys. 

Next we have a very fine white silk cope that is ornamented with flowers, fruit and cornucopias. The colours on this cope are extremely well done, bringing together beautiful pastel hues with the creamy  white tones of the silk.

Finally, we have this red silk lamé set. It is very simple in its design in one sense, but the quality of the materials is superb.

Photo source: BeWeb

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