The Restoration of a Statue of St. Joseph and the Christ Child

A quick look at the condition of some of the statues of the ancient Greeks and Romans will tell you how prone they are to damage, particularly where the extremities are concerned. It is at these points they are structurally the weakest and if that sort of damage should happen, the statue is a write off, yes?

Not so fast. 

Mussner G. Vincezno Ars Sacra recently shared some photos of an antique statue of St. Joseph with the Child Jesus that had serious damage to it, not least of which the missing head of the Christ Child. In addition to that, the Christ Child's foot and St. Joseph's hand and lily traditionally held in it were also missing, along with other areas of damage.

Using their expertise in carving, Mussner G. Vincenzo Ars Sacra carved a new hand, foot and head for the statue. Here it is mid-process.

Once the carvings were completed, the entire piece was then repainted. Here was the final result:

I think many of our readers will agree that the end result is actually much more appealing than what it  was originally, removing, as it did, the "Saint-Sulpice" look and feel of the original statue. What's more, Mussner G. Vincenzo have successfully and skillfully integrated the newly carved pieces into the old in such a way that they form a seamless whole.

Very nicely done and a testament to the importance of skillful craftsmanship and qualitative materials.

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