Follow Up: New Floral Vestment Work

As a followup to our recent piece on floral vestments and their use at this time of the year, I wanted to share some new work being done in this regard. This particular set comes from Pluriarte who are based out of Spain.

What I particularly like about this set is that the textile has an 18th century quality to it. In particular I like the softness and warmth of (most of) the colours. The gold is warm and subtle and it meshes very well with the brighter greens and salmon coloured roses.  To my mind,  these sorts of tones work much better than the deeper, darker and more heavily metallic sort that were indicative of 19th century textiles of this same type.

The gold trims and fringes are also very nicely paired with the textile I think.

Let's take a look, beginning with the cope.

The chasuble from the front.   The classic use of the trim to make the crosses on the maniple, stole, etc. seen here is always something I always prefer and personally believe looks best. 

If you are wondering what this set looks like in actual practice, here's a nice view of the rest of the set as well as the back of the chasuble:

Really well done all around. A noble and beautiful set that is very well suited to the Easter season or Marian feasts. 

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