Laetare Sunday in Lyon

I have frequently commented over the years about the excellent Roman liturgical sense of the FSSP church in Lyon that is under the guidance of AbbĂ© Brice Meissonnier. This past Laetare Sunday was no different for it provided an opportunity for them to unveil yet another excellent set of vestments executed by L'Atelier Romanitas -- also of Lyon. Let's take a look.

This particular shade of rose is on the lighter end of the rose spectrum and it combined with the architectural setting, the brocade, and the silver trims, all come together very well in my estimation.

This is a point perhaps worthy emphasizing, for very often when the subject of rose as a liturgical colour arises, there is often a false sense of there being a singular proper or very limited range of shades that are acceptable, but that is not in the fact case here or with any other liturgical colour for that matter. Our liturgical arts tradition has in fact provided for a wide breadth of possibilities and the difference between something working or not has much to do with the skillful eye of the designer in comprehending the particular interactions of these elements and executing them in a way that will be tasteful, beautiful and harmonious.

Here are a few additional details of the vestments as well as the matching antependium.

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