The Challenges and Rewards of Gold and Silver Vestments

Being the vigil of one the great feasts of the Christian liturgical year, it seemed appropriate to consider a festal vestment that would be worthy of so great a feast.  This particular set is one that was restored by Atelier Sirio in Italy.

Very frequently gold and silver tend to be considered "incompatible" in some way -- use one or the other the thought would go. Of course, as with anything, if colours are not coordinated with sensitivity and a keen artistic eye, they may well come across poorly. This is true regardless of the colours being spoken of. However, when done with a keen artistic eye, the results -- as in this case -- can be quite spectacular.

What particularly helps in this particular instance is that the gold colour is rather muted, almost pastel in its tonality. This works very well when combined with the silver embroideries and the end result is nothing short of spectacular in my estimation. What's more, the vestment stands out from the crowd for reason of its uniqueness.

Here are a few closer details that Atelier Sirio provided.

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