Hand Coloured 16th Century Pontificale Romanum

I was browsing Kline Books recently when I came across this rather unique Roman Pontifical they have for sale. The book includes illustrations that correspond to the various rites and ceremonies and while that particular aspect is not unique, what is are that these illustrations have been hand coloured.

Illustrations such as these are interesting to look at not only for their particular artistic merit but also for the insights that they might provide into the liturgical styles and customs of their particular time.  In this instance, given that the pontifical was published in 1595, the illustrations in question are representative of the 16th century liturgy.

LAJ is quite often approached about ideas for the design of everything from surplices to chasubles and I would certainly recommend to any who are considering such things to consider resources such as these as part of your research.  For those who have no such practical purposes, I would recommend you simply enjoy.

As for the book itself, this particular volume would certainly be worthwhile addition to any Catholic library.

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