A Liturgical Curiosity

One of LAJ's priestly readers sent in the following to us a few weeks back and with the week winding down as we head into the Christmas season next week, it seemed like a good opportunity to share what I consider a curiosity. Here is what our reader had to say about it:
Yesterday I had the good fortune of receiving a set of what appear to be altar chimes, ostensibly to be used in lieu of altar bells. They look a bit worse for wear, but they still sound beautiful. I was particularly delighted with the suggested tunes to be used at various points during the Mass. The notation is cast right into the brass.

On the bottom of the wooden base there are small feet, so I think it is meant to lay flat on a surface, rather than hang on a wall.  I would guess that either one of the altar boys kneeling on the steps of the altar or the choirmaster in the loft would have been meant to strike the tones as needed. There is a plaque on the back that gives the manufacturer’s name as Deagan.

I'll be frank. I've never seen such a thing, but perhaps some of our readers have.

I asked if we could hear it played. Here is a video our reader very kindly made for us.

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