Some 20th Century Varieties of Violacea

To conclude our little 'mini series' considering some examples of violet vestments from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, we now conclude with the latter century.
One can see in these examples transitional carryovers from the previous centuries, now often expressed as machine embroideries or brocades, but we now also begin to see the rise of more explicit symbols and iconography, seen primarily in the commercially produced textiles and trims of the time.

The fuller cut also begins to be seen more readily by this time, though, unfortunately, many of these examples are quite unremarkable (which is why so few examples are shown here) which, it should be noted, is less the fault of the gothic revival so much as the accidents and limitations of the time in which the revival took place.

That apologia aside, here are some 20th century examples for your consideration.

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