Eclectic Splendor of the Oveido Monstrance

The Oviedo monstrance is one of the original Felix Granda designs commissioned in 1920 by the Nocturnal Adoration Society of the Cathedral of Our Saviour in Oviedo, Spain. The plan for this monstrance follows the eclectic aesthetics that characterizes the most original works crafted under direction of the Workshop’s founder, Fr Felix Granda.

The combination of symbolic elements and precious materials such as gemstones, silver, gold, and pigments with numerous artistic techniques is intended to represent the entirety of cosmos gathered together in adoration of the Eucharist.

The sunburst consists of a fabulous array of intertwined gold wire filgree and gemstone flowers. The diamond encrusted luna is set on a large Greek cross. Its decoration consists of crisscrossing ribbons with filigree and opals against a light blue enamel background, decorated with an array of fantastic beasts executed in cloisonné.

The shaft features four chaplets with the Evangelists, divided by spiral columns surmounted by angels with their wings outstretched. The upper node consists of a gold orb, studded with star shaped mounted diamonds and held by the tetramorphs, atop a capital decorated with fretwork.

The base sits atop eight turtles, a symbolic animal particular to Fr. Granda’s designs, representing the world. The sides of the crenelated base are clad in delicate fretwork and gems, with eight angels alternatively holding crosses and the arms of the Nocturnal Adoration Society. The domed foot is covered with exquisite filigree and gems.

This historic Granda piece is kept at the museum of the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Saviour in Oviedo, Spain.

Kinga U. Lipinska
Art Dealer & Project Consultant working with new liturgical art commissions, renovation planning and heritage restoration.

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