St. Willibrord, Utrecht

Some things require little explanation. One needn't explain why or how they are beautiful; it is simply self-evident. The Church of St. Willibrord in the Netherlands is one such example. St. Willibrord is a gothic revival church that was constructed in the 1870's.  While the exterior of the church is fairly straightforward and without pretensions, the interior is nothing short of a masterpiece.

What will perhaps be surprising to many is that St. Willibrord was threatened with demolition in the 1970's -- the reasons why are uncertain at the time of writing this. Fortunately, the church was saved through the efforts of one Fr. Winand Kotte A.A. as well as local laity, being purchased from the local diocese and thus saved -- seeing the celebration of the usus antiquior as well as the modern Roman rite in Latin through that time. In 2015 the church was sold to the Society of St. Pius X who now offer regular Sunday masses in the usus antiquior at the parish.

That background in mind, here are some photographic images from the parish under the auspices of the Society.

(All Photos Copyright ©Kerkfotografie)

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