Before and After: St. Stephen the Martyr, Columbus, Ohio

Just a very quick post for our popular "before and after" series, this time coming from William Heyer Architect and St. Stephen the Martyr in Columbus, Ohio.  Comments to follow.



I'm not certain there is any particular need for me to sell why the new arrangement is is so much better than the previous, so let me instead just comment that the new arrangement gives a significantly better focus to the altar, wonderfully including a kind of fixed canopy above it.  The tiled flooring is also very appealing, as are the altar railing and the symmetry of the entire arrangement. The new ceiling does remarkably well for what remains a low ceiling chapel.

It is often striking how, in a case like this, the more colourful and ornate chapel is often the more harmonious and orderly and as such, also the more noble, beautiful and simple..

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