Matthew Alderman Illustrations for the Emperor Karl League

Not directly liturgical art in an of itself of course, but certainly of interest to LAJ readers, I think, is this new booklet published by the Emperor Karl League of Prayer which features illustrations by long time friend and associate, Matthew Alderman, who has connections with both LAJ and, of course, NLM -- in fact it was he, working closely with me as the commissioning person, who completed the NLM masthead logo which remains there still to this day.

The illustrations are in his signature style of course which, aside from this publication, have also appeared in various liturgical and liturgiacally oriented books and publications. He recently gave an interview about this particular project which also gives some excellent views into the process by which he brings his designs to life. Here, however, are the finished product and illustrations:

It is certainly encouraging to see that the commissioning of new works such as these are not a dead letter.

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