Introducing A&M Ornamentos Vestments in Spain

As readers know, we are witnessing a veritable renaissance of vestment making all over the world. I would like to call readers' attention to A & M Ornamentos, a family-owned vestment operation located in Spain. 

Their custom-made chasubles are beautiful, of select fabrics that include damask, brocade, and other embroidery. Their vestments, in Roman and Spanish style, are made according to traditional methods of confection at their shop in Spain. 

The fiddle-back vestments they make in Spanish style are called "guitar" chasubles, taking their name from their marked shape, resembling a guitar, seen below. This style has been a common sight in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico and in her former colonies, such as the Philippines. 

The website of A & M can be seen here. I encourage readers to make a purchase to support them. 

The website refers to the symbology of the chasuble: 

"It is a symbol of charity: because the chasuble covers us entirely, and charity covers 'a multitude of sins'. (1 Pet. 4:8). Thus it is said in the rite of priestly ordination: 'Receive the priestly vestment, by which charity is signified...'"

It further explains the symbology thus: 

"It also symbolizes the yoke of the Lord: for it is placed on the shoulders. The priest puts it on and says, 'Lord, you said, 'My yoke is easy and my burden is light,' grant that I may bear it in such a way that I may obtain your grace. Amen.'"

Some of their offerings include vestments in the color blue, a common site in Spain and her colonies, by right of time-honored indult; a  worthy tradition to honor Our Blessed Lady, seen below. I include a sample of other images to help give readers a sense of quality of design and choice of fabric. 



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