Before and After: Monterey Latin Mass Community Restores Their High Altar

By way of King Richard's Liturgical Design & Contracting, we came across this interesting project:
The Monterey Latin Mass Community approached King Richard’s to replicate its lost high altar. Relying on historic photos of the original altar, King Richard’s was prepared to carve, build and install a new altar. Instead we discovered an antique altar in our warehouse was a near perfect match. Restoring this rescued altar from a Church in Boston worked perfectly and for less money. This type of project is so gratifying because the history of the antique piece lives on in its new home for future generations.

The original church in question looked as follows:

As the story so often goes, much of this was lost in the aftermath of the post-conciliar period, resulting in a rather more plain, and it must be said, uninspiring altar and sanctuary arrangement:


However, with the addition of the 'new' altar,  one can see that much of what had been lost has since been regained.


This is not strictly a "before and after" in the usual, holistic sense, but all the same it represents an impressive beautification that has begun the process of restoring a classical sanctuary ordering in this particular church. 

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