A Cimabue Inspired Crucifix from Hape Sculpture in Italy

Hape Sculpture located in Val Gardena in the north of Italy, is one of the many traditional woodcarvers located in that region, specializing in traditionally, hand-crafted sculptural works, including beautiful crucifixes in the Italian tradition, such as the work which I wished to show your today, based off the work of the thirteenth century artist Cimabue. 

Cross of San Domenica, Arezzo, 1267-1271

In their case, Hape Sculpture have taken a design by Cimabue added a carved corpus and have then hand-painted the other details, augmenting it with gold leaf. 

To help you understand the skill and work involved in this, here are some views of the crucifix in progress.

The end result is a beautiful and inspiring crucifix that now adorns a very fortunate parish church. 

For more information about Hape Sculpture and their work, visit their website or see them on social media

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