Vestments of Cardinal Saverio Canale (1766-1773)

Cardinal Saverio Canale was made cardinal deacon of Santa Maria della Scala in 1766 by Pope Clement XIII. He hailed from a family of the Italian aristocracy. There isn't a great deal that I have to say about the cardinal himself, but what I would point your attention to are some of the impressive vestments that were made for him. Today I wish to share three, all dated to the same period.

The first is a red set, which is absolutely stunning in relation to the quality of the embroidery which is characterized by its strong textural presence. Of the three sets I am showing you today, this one has to stand out the most because of this unique textural quality, which feels strongly three dimensional but is not so exaggerated as some other examples, so as to lose its nobility and elegance.  This theme is carried on in the stole and maniple from the set while the chalice veil -- not doubt for practical reasons since it must lay over the chalice -- is quite simple.

The next set is in violet, and it too contains something of the quality I described in the previous set, thought in a slightly reduced fashion,. One can clearly see here that the base fabric is a silk lamé of violet in a shade the Ambrosians might call morello or plum.  The chalice veil for this set is particularly appealing. 

Finally we have a white Solemn Mass set and for this we can share the chasuble, cope and one of the dalmatics. Here again, we see this textural quality, akin to the violet set above, with its floriated motifs.  Little more commentary is required as it certainly is indicative of both its period and of the level of design one would expect for a solemn set of a cardinal. 

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