The Other Modern: Sint-Agneskerk in Amsterdam

Continuing with our Other Modern series, we now turn to Sint-Agneskerk in Amsterdam. The church which was built between 1919 and 1931, designed by architect Jan Stuyt.  The bones of the architecture of the church is Romanesque revival, following a fairly typical basilica pattern, taking its inspiration from Sant'Agnese fuori le Mura in Rome. 

It is the interior, however, where the Other Modern features come into play, namely in its decoration. 

Designed in 1931, the church features a beautiful altar and ciborium magnum. The latter features an image of St. Anges while the front of the altar itself takes its inspiration from the Ghent altarpiece.

However where the Other Modern aspect of this church is particularly to be found in the beautiful and unique glass work found on the sanctuary walls which were done by the artist Joep Nicolas (1897-1972). 


Some details:

The Stations of the Cross were approached in a unique fashion as open frescoes on the walls. These were done by Jan Mammen and Willem Schwermer between 1933-1946.



Finally, we conclude with this beautiful altar to the Virgin which was done by Jan Eloy and Leo Brom in 1932. The statue itself is of hammered metal, as are the doors of the triptych to either side which include scenes from the life of the Blessed Virgin. 


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