Chasuble and Missal Cover of Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante (1642-1727)


Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante (1642-1727) seems to have been  a man of very great taste in the design of vestments. This is the second vestment of his that we have featured, the other being an exquisite example in purple. Certainly his position was such that it warranted as he was Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Council, Prefect for the Council of the Propagation of the Faith and Camerlengo. 

This particular chasuble would have been made sometime between the period of 1695-1727, the same period in which Sacripante was a cardinal. The chasuble has a beautiful burgundy lining that complements and accentuates the bright red silk of the chasuble proper. As is typical to this period of vestment ornamentation, the gold embroidery is done in very fine, intricate patterns of vines, leaves and flowers with a heavier design to accentuate the orphrey and borders.

Unfortunately I cannot present readers with a view of the back of the chasuble, but it would certain be very similar to the front and would have included the cardinal's stemma at the base of the ophrey. 

We are, however, able to show you the corresponding chalice veil. 

What's more, and perhaps even more rarely, this particular set also came with a matching missal cover showing the cardinal's arms. This will give you a better sense of how the stemma on the back of the chasuble likely also appeared as the designs would have been done similarly. 

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