A Renaissance Chasuble from the Workshops of Sandro Botticelli

The following chasuble is of Florentine manufacture, coming from the period of 1485-95,  but what perhaps makes it particularly unique is that it is associated with the famed Florentine artist, Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi -- better know to us and to the world as Sandro Botticelli. To be precise it is associated with Botticelli as well as his workshops -- for at this period of time, it was not uncommon for an artist to have several artists working with him and for him in his workshop. 

The chasuble comes in a cut that was common for this period of time, a kind of truncated gothic shape that is already beginning to lean in the direction of the baroque forms, made up of a brocaded silk velvet with gold thread embroidery.

As one looks at the orphrey, one will find imagery that is very reminiscent of Botticelli's painted works.

A remarkable and unique work given its provenance which associates it with one of the greatest masters of the entire Renaissance. 

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