A Papal Mantum of Pope Leo XIII

For our second consideration of a papal mantum, we turn to one produced during the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII in 1879, once again by the atelier Romanini, this time Giovanni Romanini.  The base of this particular item is a beautiful red and gold silk lamé that has been embroidered once again with gold thread.  The mantum measures 280 x 600 cm (or 110 x 246 in). 

The design is comprised of scroll-like work forming the appearance of vines that frequently terminate in floral motifs that have a stone embedded at its centre. Leo XIII's arms can be found at the base of the orphrey, set onto blue satin and done in full colour. Also included in the design of the orphrey of clusters of grapes and wheat along with flowers.

The body of the cope continues this theme, being entirely covered in a mixture of flowers and bunches of grapes with grape leaves -- thus providing a subtle Eucharistic motif to the design. 

The first recorded use of this particular mantle was the consistory of September 22, 1879 and it was also another that Pope John XXIII chose to use during his own pontificate, as seen here below:

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