Formed in Beauty: Sacred Art by Tianna Williams

One of the most gifted Catholic artists of today is Tianna Williams of Canada.  Her paintings are simply  astounding.   Some of her most recent works include a series of paintings of saints done in collaboration with Ascension Press and Fr. Josh Johnson, seen here.  Last year her work entitled "Our Lady of the Angels" was unveiled at Our Lady of the Angels parish in Ft. Saskatchewan, Canada.  Her works have an incredible power to bring people closer to God.  Indeed, sacred art can "draw man to adoration, to prayer, and to the love of God" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2502).  

I really hope in the years to come Tianna will receive the attention she deserves.  I invite pastors to consider her for sacred art commissions - timeless custom paintings for churches, cathedrals, oratories, and shrines.  In past centuries the Catholic world was exceptionally well provided with gifted painters.  Today they are few in number.  Tianna is one of the best.  

The Church is a spiritual society or organism that has incorporated itself with humanity, recording works of paint and color that last through the ages at the service of evangelization.  As Tianna becomes more well known in Catholic circles I can see her name gaining more notoriety as a leading artist of contemporary realism.  For more information on her work and mission of bringing beauty back to the Church and culture, see here (patrons are invited to collaborate).  She writes:

"I've discovered that there is something intensely spiritual about painting.  Perhaps it is the abandonment necessary to pour oneself into a piece, or maybe it is recognizing that I myself am little more than a brush in the hand of the Artist.  As I have painted the faces of Mary and the Saints, I feel as though I have developed a beautiful friendship with these holy souls.  Each one has challenged me in a unique way - one may call me to perseverance, another to patience, or yet another to simplicity.  Time and again I have experienced that flood of grace that has allowed me to do what I know I am not capable of.  I am deeply humbled to have been called to this, and profoundly grateful. Like the spark that sets a fire ablaze, it is my prayer that these images will bless you and bring a little bit of beauty back into the world.  If you would like to join me in my mission of brining beauty back to the Church and culture, please consider helping in one of these ways..."      

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