A Hand Carved, Wooden Altar Cross from ALBL Oberammergau

If you take a look at the altar cross which is the subject of this particular article, you will no doubt begin by thinking, "what a beautiful piece of metalwork" however, the assumption that this is a work done in metal, while understandable, would actually be incorrect.  Like so many of the candlesticks and reliquaries seen in continental Europe, it is actually a carved, gilt piece of wood.  ALBL Oberammergau produced this particular altar cross, which is 28" tall, for a reredos in the Church of the Visitation in Westphalia, Texas. Regrettably this church, one of the oldest in that state, was entirely lost in a fire, but it is being entirely rebuilt to look as it did before.  ALBL Oberammergau was tasked with the the creation of this altar cross and will also be creating various altars, statues and other liturgical pieces -- which we will cover in a separate article -- as part of this rebuilding project. 

As to this altar cross, it has been entirely hand carved and gilt with multiple layers of 24 carat gold leaf, resulting in this impressive result:

It is really an impressive piece. For more information visit ALBL Oberammergau's website or see them on social media

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