Before and After: Holy Cross Catholic Church in East Bernard, Texas

Ecclesiastical Studio and Sons recently shared some images of a church renovation project they took part in at Holy Cross Catholic Church located in East Bernard, Texas. The project involved the installation of a new freestanding altar as well as a new traditional altar and reredos behind. In addition to this, the altar rail was moved back toward the traditional altar to make way for a new ambo. Beyond these architectural components, one will especially note the addition of much needed colour and design to the church. In its 'before' incarnation, the walls were in the main painted white -- no doubt a result of a certain notion of 'noble simplicity' that was predominant in the immediate post-conciliar era.  Here is a quick look at the before.



One can see how the addition of patterned elements and colour within the the sanctuary have helped delineate the architecture in a significant way, bringing with it as well a much better sense or order.  The new reredos -- with the sanctuary crucifix moved up above it and encircled by rays -- has also given the altar and sanctuary a much greater prominence within the church. It is also worth adding that the installation of a more traditional lighting scheme has also done wonders here.

A slightly closer look at some of the new elements:

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