Book Notice: Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

The great liturgical scholar Dr. Peter Kwasniewski has written yet another fine book on the theme of the Classical Roman Rite.  His new work deserves mention, praise and far reach.  Dr. Kwasniewski has become a renowned voice on the subject, while stating his case clearly in understandable language and also making a valued contribution to the science of sacred liturgy.  I am so pleased to announce his new book, Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright: The Genius and Timeliness of the Traditional Latin Mass, published by Angelico Press.  The book thankfully includes a brilliant section on aesthetic matters, especially chapter thirteen, "The Charge of Aestheticism."  In addition, four chapters are devoted to the question of the formative power of the EF on children, along with practical tips for parents.

It is my belief that one of the values of this new book is that it is laying down the lines for the future along which liturgical interest in the TLM will be explained and integrated with the traditional concept of the spiritual life, coupled by newly-rediscovered understanding of the Christian liturgical mystery as temple worship.

The book, which is intended to be like a basic training manual for understanding and promoting the TLM, bears endorsements from Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, Fr. John Perricone, Fr. William Slattery, Dr. Michael Foley, Dr. Janet Smith, Leila Marie Lawler, and Jesse Romero.  I also know how proud the Canadian liturgical scholar, Fr. William Ashley, STL is of Dr. Kwasniewski.

I encourage everyone to purchase two copies -- one for your own bookshelf and another to give to your pastor or to a seminarian you may know.  This book deserves all the attention in the world.  There is no time to waste, we must do our part to help get the word out on all things liturgical.  The book is a "no-holds-barred apologetic" for the TLM, presenting in a positive manner some key strengths of the Classical Roman Rite in a language that can be understood by all.

Dr. Kwasniewski looks at every aspect of the Mass, internal and external features, explaining clearly why the Mass developed over time the way it did and why the classical liturgy can be especially helpful for people today.  In fact, never has it been more needed than it is today.  Next, the author responds in a systematic manner to various historical and current arguments made by proponents of the Novus Ordo Missae while exposing and debunking popular errors such as "antiquarianism," "vernacularism," and the ideology of the "cult of the contemporary."

Time and again we see how various positive initiatives in the Church today are coming mostly from the laity.  This is yet another fine example.  A pattern is beginning to emerge that the laity are taking back the area of liturgical scholarship, seen here with a readable new book that includes a glossary and detailed index of persons and subjects for further reference and detailed study.

A big thank you, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, and keep up the fine work!

To order your copies, click here: Angelico Press.

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