A Pentecost Inspired Cope from Watts and Co. of London

Watts & Co. of London have recently unveiled a new cope for Pentecost that includes a red brocade fabric that is based upon G.F. Bodley's own Pentecost-inspired embroidery. The hood features a blue, silk damask that has Marian symbolism, along with the dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit -- the combination of the two referencing descent of the Holy Spirit in the upper room where both Our Lady and the Apostles were present.

A detail of the wings of the dove on the hood of the cope
Here is a better look at the whole cope, which sets into contrast the blue and the red textiles, giving the cope a very colourful and medieval feel.

The hood, which includes a blue and gold contrasted fringe, is very indicative of the colourful nature of medieval and early gothic revival work.

Overall, a very distinctive cope, especially for those particularly interested in the medieval and gothic revival tradition of Bodley.

For those interested, this or customizations based on this design are available upon request from Watts and Co. of London.

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